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**READ FIRST** Application Format

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Posted 12 November 2008 - 07:07 AM

Welcome and thank you for your interest into being a part of Broken Faith!

We require a 80% raid attendance. If you fail to meet this raid attendance policy then you will not be asked to raid with us and depending on your rank/status with the guild you may be asked to leave the guild. We are a relaxed group that raids 2-3 days a week. Although our schedule is casual our attitude while at raids is hardcore. Players must be able to take constuctive critisim with a good attitude. Negative players are not wanted.

Upon invite to the guild you will be listed as "trial" rank. During this trial period guild members will have priority over you for gear. After 2-3 weeks we base your next step upon your attendance, improvement, attitude, skill, and of course your fit into the guild. If we see you to be Broken Faith material we will adjust your rank accordingly. However, if we feel otherwise, you will be asked to leave our guild.

What we expect for gems and enchants: (Raiders Only)

1 attendance
you must attend 80% of all the raids- we all have lives that is why we understand if you have to miss a raid

You must be on time, we start at 7:30 that means be ready at that time

2. Gear enchants and gems
Blue(Rare) quality gems in all gear
Enchants- best enchant on all gear this includes rep enchants

3. Know the fight
Make sure you have read up on all the bosses that we plan to down that night. We may not use the strat that you see but you need to know what the bosses do and when they use them and what to do about them. ie fire on the ground move out. As far as our own strategies go those will always be discussed in presence of the raid.

4. Post if you will be late/not coming
We all have lives outside the game, if you are going on a trip, have family coming over, etc. you must post 24 hours a head of time, the sooner you can post the better. If you are unsure that you will miss/be late post and provide an update.

5. Be ready
We start at 7:30. That means have your gear gemmed and enchanted and be fully repaired. health/mana/stat potions, healthstones(as long as we have a warlock), bis food (we will not always drop a feast), and flasks. you also must use one of the following when blood lust is used, or a potion that gives you 4000 of a stat that is best for your spec
Mogu Power = 4000 STR
Jade Serpent = 4000 INT
Vermin's Bite = 4000 AGI

Those potions are also provided by the Guild Bank for Raider Backups and Raider member status on the guild. As well as a 500g (250g for Backups) repair bill on raid days.

Please read the following and follow the instructions to being your application


Questions should be directed to any guild officer (see sticky for current officers)

All applications must have the following post topic title: [Name - Level - Race - Class]

If you get accepted into the guild pm [AoL]Maj for access to the guild only part of the forums.


Applications must be written well using correct spelling and grammar.
All Broken Faith members are required to behave as mature adults.
All applicants are required to have Mumble (mic not required, but very helpful).
All members must check and be active on the forums.
Raid members must be able to find, install, and maintain addons.
Please fill out the following application with as much detail and as completely as possible.
Raiders must maintain a 80% or higher raid attendance (this includes showing up on time, being prepared, and staying the full raid with limited interruptions)

Copy and paste the questions below into a new topic and answer the questions

A. Player Information

Time Zone
Contact Name (Battletag)
Do multiple people have access to this account?

B. Basic Character Information

Character Name
Race and Class
Preferred Talent Spec
Armory Link
(Raiders) Alternate Specs (with gear)
(Raiders) Link to any raid logs showing you.

C. Experience

Prior guilds & reasons for leaving: (detailed explanations for each)
Prior higher level instance experience:

D. (Raiders Only)

Can you make the following raid times consistently(80%+)? All times are server time.

Tues/wed/thurs 7:30-11:00

Why did you choose to play your class and spec?

What are the important stats for your spec and why?

What is the rotation of abilities or spells that you use?

If you were given no specific job in a raid, what would you do?

E. Finally in a well written paragraph, tell us why you think you would make a good addition to Broken Faith and how you would make Broken Faith a better guild.

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